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Miley Cyrus? more like Miley Lierus we know your secret double life

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do you remember when you were a kid and the doorbell rang you would run and see who it was, now i just run to my room instead

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Every Australian, ever. nowimthevillain:


gravity was such a great film

Sandy Bullock looks great here 
"Mad was the last kid I saw and he was asleep. He was 3 months old and they put him in my arms and he stayed asleep and they put him in the bath and he stayed asleep and I thought he was narcoleptic or something. Then he opened his eyes and just stared at me for the longest time and I just stared at him and I started crying and he smiled. And it wasn’t that he smiled that he liked me, it was just that I hadn’t held children in my life and I was always considered so dark and I always had so many things that made me feel like maybe I shouldn’t be somebody’s mom because certainly the world has an opinion of me and I’m not so sure about myself and am I gonna be the best mom? So the fact that this little kid seemed at ease gave me the courage to feel like I could make him happy. And so we became a family right then." — Angelina Jolie





how do boys look good without makeup

Because society hasn’t told boys they look bad without it

shots fired

Holy shit

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Midnight snack more like midnight 3 course meal w dessert

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Sergey Neamoscou


dropping out of school to become part of a chicken nugget cult

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